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In Memoriam

Beth Block's life was too short. We continue to be deeply grieved and shocked by her death in a car accident while on vacation in near Seattle, WA on April 20, 2008. Beth is survived by her mother Charlene Block, step-father James McCarthy, (both of La Quinta, CA.), grandmother Sally Insul (Los Angeles) and many, many friends and family throughout the globe, all of whom have been touched and enriched by her life, love, friendship and art. Beth was preceded in death by her father Floyd Harris Block, of Clarksdale, MS. Her mother, Charlene Block, may be contacted at
cblock [at] dc.rr [dot] com.

Born in Houston, Beth lived in Los Angeles, Boston, Italy, Japan, and NYC, yet never forgot where she came from (Don't Mess with Texas) and - like a true Texan - Beth was proud, strong, generous and free. A postmodern princess, a beautiful woman, a daughter and a true friend, Beth's vision brought out the beauty of a world that most of us never see. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and the School of Visual Arts with an M.A. in fine art photography, Beth's work hangs in museums and collections worldwide. Beth's work continues to earn praise and find new venues in exhibitions and publications: through her work, Beth's vision lives on. A foundation and scholarship is being formed to manage her legacy and to allow her work to remain with us into the future.

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